About Me

2017 Headshot of Brian Walter, a Seattle-area Systems Engineer and information security specialist.My name is Brian Walter and I am a graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle. I have a B. S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. In additional to mechanical things, I have a strong background in information security, electronics, and computing. A quick summary of my professional experience follows.

UW Medicine 2019–present

  • Information Security Analyst

University of Washington School of Dentistry 2018–2019

In addition to teaching the next generation of top dentists, the UW School of Dentistry offers a full selection of dental services to the greater Seattle area.

  • IT Security and Compliance Specialist
    • Worked in a system based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to rank systems, identify risks, and manage remediation plans
    • Discovered and ranked systems that handle confidential data
    • Worked with system owners and stakeholders to identify and document risks
    • Performed in-person inspections to identify risks not known to system owners
    • Wrote recommendations and remediation plans

MTM Robotics 2013–2018

A leader in aerospace automation, MTM Robotics specializes in so-called “coactive” robots that work in close contact with humans to help out with tedious, dangerous, and difficult tasks that have a large impact on the quality of the final product. Their flagship robot, the MiniFT, attaches to the fuselage of an aircraft using suction cups and is small enough to be assembled by hand.

  • Systems Engineer
    • Computer vision lead
    • Research and development
    • Embedded Linux administration for robotics
    • Electrical design
    • Quality control
    • Internal and customer-facing advanced support

UW School of Dentistry 2011–2013

I’ve had the pleasure of working for SOD twice. This first time was as a student worker.

  • Computer Technician
    • Responsible for the maintenance of the school’s computer hardware and software
    • Developed automatic update scripts to be deployed on a network of workstations
    • Successfully supported the IT needs of over 500 end users

UW Formula SAE 2010–2013

  • Resource Management Team Lead
    • Managed an interdisciplinary team that tracked finances, repaired and upgraded facilities, and ran the Formula team’s computer network and servers
  • Engine Team
    • Designed and built the electrical system of a race car
    • Designed and implemented control schemes using the EngineLab Machine
    • Designed, built, and programmed a telemetry system to monitor the car in real time

UW Earth and Space Sciences 2011–2013

  • Rocketry and high altitude research
    • Designed a lightweight truss structure for a high altitude airship
    • Designed and built a “Rockoon“, a remotely operated rocket launch system hoisted on a high altitude balloon
    • Modified the Rockoon into a Rockite, and used the Rockite to fire a 40 pound payload into the ground for a hard impact research project